Prescaa mission

PRESCAA is a non-profit association under Belgian law with the aim to support regulatory processes for specialty crops developed for the common good by public research institutes, and to share the experience with those regulatory processes for the benefit of public research institutes.

The activities of the Association include:

  1. Preparing and submitting formal requests, including scientific documentation and reports, relevant to regulatory approval or renewal procedures for genetically modified crops as well as communicating about such requests and documentation;
  2. Collaborating with research groups and other organizations and initiatives with an objective similar to those of the Association, as well as with other local or global initiatives and/or organizations;
  3. Organizing and managing workshops, conferences, seminars and other programs and scientific meetings where scientific data pertaining to the objective of the Association are exchanged;
  4. Collecting, analysing, exchanging, comparing, and disseminating information and opinions relating to genetically modified crops to the general public and/or to specific target audiences;
  5. Facilitating public sector research and development of genetically modified crops;
  6. Any other activity that may be necessary or that may contribute to the achievement or funding of the objectives of the Association.